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top 8 gadgets for weight loss for 2016

top 8 gadgets for weight loss for 2016

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by November 3, 2016 Blog, Gadgets, Weight Loss

Whether we like to admit it or not, many of us would like to lose a few pounds or meet their ideal body weight. Unfortunately, paying expensive gym memberships and following a clean diet all the time isn’t always easy to follow. In fact, even the best diet programs we start can eventually cause us to feel less motivated. 

Don’t lose hope! With the latest inventions of wearable technology, using smart gadgets are making weight loss and getting in shape easier than ever. Here are the top eight devices for weight loss for 2016. 

1. Spree headband

Currently, the Spree headband is the only exercise tracker that can provide feedback with details about your core temperature. The Spree gadget will also give you data about the distance, heart rate, speed, GPS location as well as the calories you burned during the performance. The headband has a lightweight type of design with a comfortable grip that will keep sweat at bay without leaving you with a headache. 

Spree’s smart performance app that comes with the gadget will also monitor and track your performance objects and provide feedback as well as offer recommended exercises. 

2. Xbox 360 Kinect

It seems as if more people enjoy playing video games rather than head to the gym. The Xbox 360 Kinect can give you both as a fun way to get moving in the comfort of your own living room. Both Adidas and Nike have released games that use Kinect’s motion sensors to offer workouts, track performance and create fitness plans. 

3. Withings Smart Body Analyzer

Scales are considered as the most common reason why people quit their diet. With the Withings Smart Body Analyzer, you can measure your heart rate, ambient temperature, body fat, and quality of air – giving you the ultimate insight into your performance ability. 

What makes this gadget stand out is that the scales on the device is able to connect with your home Wi-Fi network and will send all data to the app. This means you will be able to keep track of your body’s natural metrics. The app is designed to take in data as well as accept data inputs from other devices such as fitness bracelets, blood pressure monitors, and sleep trackers. 

4. Jawbone UP24

The Jawbone UP24 is a bracelet that tracks your data regarding your quality of sleep, fitness workings and even your daily intake with its partner app. This gadget has no screen and works in partnership with the accompanying app. It is also able to connect with your smartphone via Bluetooth as well as will give you the latest details on your progress. Unlike most fitness gadgets, you can use the device for up to ten days as the batter life is long-lasting. Users who cycle or swim keep in mind that exercise bracelets have yet to useful monitor these type of sports. 

5. Push Wristband

The Push wristband is perfect for avid gym goes as it has been specially designed for those who use weight machines. The discreet device will keep track of your sets and repetitions for each workout. You will also receive feedback regarding power, force, speed, balance, load, explosive strength, and tempo. The data will be sent and stored in your smartphone app and will help improve and monitor your performance. 

6. Intel Smart Earbuds

Intel’s Smart Earbuds monitor your heart rate and keep the data stored on the app. You will be able to keep track of your heart rate and keep a set target for various points of your exercise routine. The music will automatically play the appropriate speed of the music to match your intensity. 

7. Nike TR1+ Trainers

Nike is undoubtedly taking footwear to the next level of technology. The TR1+ trainers have sensors that are directly built into the sole to measure the foot. The trainers keep track of how you spread your body mass and movement. The data will then be stored in the accompanying app that will allow you to receive live feedback on posture, training form and how much you get out of your workout. The app itself also contains several workouts from the world’s top athletes – giving you a virtual fit buddy to help motivate you. 

8. SunFriend UV Wristband

Why not stay in shape while protecting your skin? The SunFriend UV wristband helps you stay in the best physical shape by protecting the skin UV overexposure from the harsh UV rays. The wristband was originally inspired by the great UV sensors at NASA as the small device was worn on your wrist. 

Have you tried out any of these gadgets? Comment below and let us know what you think! 


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