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Looking to lose weight and get in shape without having to spend on fortune on fancy diet plans and workout programs? Check out these free health and fitness apps.



Keep track of your daily diet with this easy-to-use app. You can find all the nutrition information you need from produce, fast food, restaurants and more. Simply scan barcodes to download data directly into your app. This app even remembers your frequent meals for secure logging.



Many of us are living sedentary lifestyles, but that doesn’t mean you can’t work up to running with this realistic training program. The app offers a free eight-week training schedule with three workouts a week. It is specifically designed for non-athletic runners to help develop endurance and strength for longevity.



With the Sleepbot app, you can determine your sleep schedule and wake up feeling refreshed in no time. This motion track and sound record will monitor how long you take to fall asleep, how many hours you get every night, what’s interrupting your sleep and how restless you are. The alarm also rings during your light sleep stage cycle – giving you a great wake-up call.



Meditation is key to keeping your health and mind in check. However, many of us have no idea how to get started. This app will guide you through various types of meditations and lengths, depending on your mood. You can turn to soothing sounds like ocean waves or rainfall. A simple 5-minute meditation session will help you improve your concentration and productivity.