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9 reasons why you should give up soda right 

9 reasons why you should give up soda right 

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by November 3, 2016 Blog, Health, Soda

For many of us, having soda was simply part of our childhood as it became an essential to our home. In return, the generation had become addicted to coke as many homes consume as much as an entire liter of Coke a day. If you’re looking to escape the obesity epidemic, the first thing to do is stop drinking soda. In fact, more than 63% of citizens in the United States are currently trying to avoid consuming all forms of soda. 

Here are nine reasons why you should give up soda now. 

Soda Causes Fat Buildup Around the Organs 

While we already know that soda contains more sugar than one should consume the entire day, do you know that soda also causes fat buildup around the organs? A recent study in Denmark monitored the effects of soda by asking the willing participants to drink sweetened soda, diet soda, milk or water every day for a period of 36 weeks – all with the same amount of calories. 

The total mass of fat still remained. However, the consumers of regular soda had a high increase in hidden fats around the liver and skeletal area. It was an average 11% increase in cholesterol compared to others who drank milk and other beverages. 

Some Sodas Contain Harmful Toxins 

As the brominated vegetable oil has always been banned in Japan and Europe for its toxic flame, the soda products in North America are still continuing to sell and release these products. The BCO was originally developed to make the plastics flame-retardant and has continued to be used to keep the flavor floating on top. While small portions of BVO may not be harmful, regular consumption can lead to a build-up in the systems and eventually cause memory loss, hormone imbalances, skin breakouts, and nerve disorders. 

Diet Soda Isn’t Good Either 

Despite the keyword “diet,” diet soda barely resists the effects of drinking soda. A study in 2005 revealed a 41% increased risk of being obese with another 65% increased risk of becoming obese during the next eight to ten years. While one might say that switching to a non-sugar based soda from a high-sugar based soda would help your health, diet sodas contain their set side effects and dangers. 

Soda is Polluting the Water 

Our bodies are not able to break down artificial sweeteners, so they tend to travel through the waterways. In turn, the treatments for water plants don’t catch and allow them to flow out into the lakes and rivers easily. Researchers have found saccharin, acesulfame K, and sucralose. As various water treatment plants were previously tested, sucralose appeared in every single water plant. 

While we still don’t understand the effects of extra sweeteners, research does such that it might interfere with the feeding habits of organisms. 

Soda isn’t “REAL.” 

There is nothing contained in Soda that isn’t naturally produced. Soda is a mixture of altered water that is injected into carbon dioxide gas, artificial colors, flavors, phosphoric acid, and sole caloric source. Basically, soda has no nutritional value. 

Soda Will Shorten Your Life 

A variety of studies has revealed that those who consume soda on a regular basis tend to have shorter lifespans. It was also reported that drinking soda would shorten the length of telomeres contained in white blood cells, which predict the human lifespan. 

Soda Makes You Age Faster 

While many of us are spending a fortune on anti-aging cosmetics vitamins and gym memberships to keep us healthy, ditching soda for good is one of the best anti-aging practices out there. Soda is known to lower bone density, cause teeth decay, and even result in muscle loss and kidney-related problems. 

According to the study in the FASEB Journal, high amounts of phosphate have lead mice to die five weeks faster than mice with normal levels of phosphate. These results suggest that elevated levels of phosphorus and potentially harm humans. 

Soda Increases the Risk of Cancer 

According to a study in Singapore, consuming more than two sodas a week will increase the risk of developing pancreatic cancer. The study followed more than 60,000 individuals in the Singapore Chinese Health Study for fourteen years. During the study, there were 140 pancreatic cancer cases. It was revealed that those who consume more than two soft drinks per week had an 87% risk increase compared to those who did not drink soda. 

Soda Had Caused a Reported 75,000 cases of Diabetes in America Alone 

Research from a study in University of California, San Francisco, shows that soda was a related cause to the death of nearly 6,000 Americans from 2000 to 2010. The findings were based on a study and computer model from the Framingham Heart Study. 

Still interested in drinking soda? Let us what you think! 


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