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5 Innovative Healthy Products That Help With Aging Prevention

5 Innovative Healthy Products That Help With Aging Prevention

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by December 1, 2016 Blog, Health, Healthy Products

One of the most common concerns nowadays, especially among women, is how to stop the aging process or healthy aging prevention. To feed the curious and the eager beavers, manufacturers have come out with numerous products that are said to halt or slow down the aging process or to prevent aging. However, not all these products are genuine. Some are scams or fly-by-night products that claim to give you miraculous resorts. Despite this, however, it is important to note that there are reliable products that really help slow down the aging process.

Before deciding on what anti-aging product to use, keep in mind that to effectively slow down the aging process, you need to change your lifestyle. You need to take care of yourself by eating healthier. As such, you have to include some superfoods in your diet. You’ll need a lot of antioxidants, too!

Combining proper diet with a healthy lifestyle will significantly help you achieve your anti-aging goals. However, it is also important to try out innovative health products intended to prevent the aging process from speeding up. These products target wrinkles, laugh lines, crow’s feet, and other physical manifestations of age. If you want to try them out, here are some of them.

Innovative Health Products for Younger Looking Skin

These five health products contain ingredients that help the skin look and feel younger and healthier.

1. Acai Berry

Acai Berry extracts are good antioxidants. According to studies, Acai Berry antioxidants are the strongest, especially when it is taken orally. In fact, these berries’ antioxidant content is at least 30 times greater than those of other sources. Antioxidants are said to help prevent skin damage that results from too much exposure to the sun and to pollution, among other factors. They remove free radicals from our body, so it’s like they are cleansing our system. Because they take away free radicals, antioxidants make your skin healthier, more glowing, and youthful. There are a lot of Acai Berry supplements in the market, including Acai oil used in lotions, shampoos, and conditioners.

2. Melatonin

Melatonin is actually known as an anti-aging hormone. It has a lot of benefits for your health. Melatonin comes from tryptophan, an amino acid and precursor for serotonin. It is used by people who have problems sleeping. It helps boost collagen levels, especially when it is applied on the skin. Additionally, melatonin acts as a protector against free radicals, so your skin and tissues are kept safe from these damaging atoms. Free radicals are the ones that make your skin look saggy and wrinkled.

3. Collagen-Rich Bone Broth

If you like drinking soup, you’ll find this alternative for anti-aging the best one for you. Bone broth, which is made up of cartilage, marrow, and bone minerals; contain collagen. This collagen is found in the marrow, tendons, cartilage, ligament, and bone. It is an important anti-aging element as it helps keep skin smooth and youthful. So, if you regularly drink bone broth, your skin becomes smoother and younger looking, and you won’t have to worry about wrinkles anymore. Skin experts say collagen-rich bone broth is even more effective and efficient than Botox.

4. Green Tea and Vegetables

Green tea, the pure one, is rich in antioxidants. As such, it helps prevent wrinkles as it protects your skin from the harmful rays of the sun. Like green tea, green (and yellow) vegetables have a lot of antioxidants in them. As such, they help protect your skin from being damaged by free radicals. Regular intake of green and yellow vegetables can help prevent or reduce wrinkles.

5. Food Rich in Potassium

Food that is rich in potassium can also help slow down the aging process of your skin. However, it is recommended to use sea salt instead of the regular table salt you buy from the supermarket. This is because regular table salt can remove all the water in the cells, which can result in wrinkles. If you want the correct level of potassium, use sea salt regularly. Sea salt will help make your skin form and younger looking.

Aside from these five, other anti-aging innovations and health products can be used to achieve the desired results of a younger looking, firmer, smoother, and healthier skin. Some of these are the Snap-8 (which is similar to but milder than Botox), Activin (produces collagen and helps heal wounds), Omega-3s carrying food, fermented food, amino acids, and phytoceramide, which helps keep skin hydrated. Combining any of these will give you a strong weapon against aging.

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